With the conclusion of the OATH Tribunal, where the Judge overturned 25* violation points, we are now in a position to describe in detail the findings of both the original inspection and the Tribunal. We will appeal the ruling of the violation found in Item 2b on the report, as we are confident that we exemplify the highest culinary standards at Per Se.

The sustained violations include:

I continue to stand by our chefs, our cooking techniques and our methodologies, which have been implemented in our kitchens for the past 20 years.

This inspection is the unilateral perspective of one inspector and neither defines our restaurant, nor our restaurant group. Our number one priority is our guests, and as I have stated before, our kitchen door is always open to them.

The full report is available here.

Thomas Keller
Chef / Proprietor

*There was an administrative error in calculating the violation points (originally posted as 24 points) on the report, which has been addressed with the OATH Tribunal and we are awaiting the correction.